Top Moving Services of 2018 as Chosen by Readers and through assessing survey results

Results of the contest for 2018’s Top Moving Services came in April 1, 2018

Charter Van Lines:  The number one spot has been given to Charter Van Lines.  Charter Van Lines is a long distance moving service provider with a tremendous reputation for quality and affordability.  Charter Van Lines wins the Moving Service award for 2018.  On March 31, 2018 we received our last votes and reviewed everyone’s e-ballot who participated.  We also had readers take an online survey to reveal their top moving service for 2018.  We involved individuals and groups to make sure to get the most up to date information and opinions on the subject.

Charter Van Lines is best know for its quality Interstate Moving Services that are the best in the industry.  They connect movers to high quality, premiere moving services and secure rates much lower than you would get if you sought out these same movers on your own.  Theresa said, “Charter Van Lines assisted me with my move from New Jersey to Florida.  The friendly representative I spoke to on the phone was very pleasant and guided me through the entire process.  I’m really happy I chose this company for my long distance relocation!”

Two Men and a Uhaul: The next winner and runner up was a newly established small moving company developed by Curtis James called Two Men and a Uhaul.  They have been on everybody’s radar recently as they literally work in a non conventional way.  They are a licensed mover, but rather than have their own vans, they go and rent a Uhaul for your move the day of.  It’s literally like having a few friends come to your apartment and assist you with packing up your stuff and moving.  Two Men and a Uhaul are recommended only to be used for smaller, apartment and dorm moves.

Charter Van Lines: Not to beat a dead horse, but again Charter Van Lines took a winning spot in the area of Commercial Relocation.  They are highly experienced in Business to Business and office moves, and are said to coordinate up to 100 commercial relocations weekly.  So again, our readers and those who have taken our survey have rated Charter Van Lines as a premier choice for moving service in anything related to business moves.