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December 29, 2016



Here at Edward Shermann Moving, we have conveniently created a list of Top Interstate Moving Services of 2018.  The list has been put together very carefully.  We choose all companies based on several factors:

  • Customer Experience
  • Price
  • Trucks and Tools that they use
  • Workers
  • Sales Representatives
  • Communication

We truly hope you find value in this site.  I once owned a moving company (Edward Shermann Moving Inc.).  When I retired in 2007 I wanted to provide information relevant to the moving industry.  There are lots of shady movers out there.  It’s not necessary to go through as much trouble as you would need to go through to find a good, honest company.  That is what we are here for.

Happy relocating!



Top Interstate Moving Services of 2018

as assessed through data and survey collection


Charter Van Lines:  The number one spot has been given to Charter Van Lines.  They are a long distance moving service provider with a tremendous reputation for quality and affordability.  Charter Van Lines wins the Moving Service award for 2018.  On March 31, 2018 we received our last votes and reviewed everyone’s e-ballot who participated.  We also had readers take an online survey to reveal their top moving service for 2018.  We involved individuals and groups to make sure to get the most up to date information and opinions on the subject.

Charter Van Lines is best know for its quality Interstate Moving Services that are the best in the industry.  This easily makes them one of our top 10 moving services of this year. They connect movers to high quality, premiere moving services and secure rates much lower than you would get if you sought out these same movers on your own.  Theresa said, “Charter assisted me with my move from New Jersey to Florida.  The friendly representative I spoke to on the phone was very pleasant and guided me through the entire process.  I’m really happy I chose this company for my long distance relocation!”

Charter Van Lines also offers first class auto transport that is reliable and for competitive rates.  There aren’t many companies that offer the diversity of services and measure up so well!

Two Men and a Uhaul: The next winner in our top 10 moving services contest (and also a runner-up) was a newly established small moving company developed by Curtis James called Two Men and a Uhaul.  They have been on everybody’s radar recently as they literally work in a non conventional way.  They are a licensed mover, but rather than have their own vans, they go and rent a Uhaul for your move the day of.  It’s literally like having a few friends come to your apartment and assist you with packing up your stuff and moving.  Two Men and a Uhaul are recommended only to be used for smaller, apartment and dorm moves.

Charter Van Lines: Not to beat a dead horse, but again Charter Van Lines took a winning spot in the area of Commercial Relocation.  They are highly experienced in Business to Business and office moves, and are said to coordinate up to 100 commercial relocations weekly.  So again, our readers and those who have taken our survey have rated Charter Van Lines as a premiere choice for moving service in anything related to business moves.  Charter offers a wide variety of services and seems to be a winner all the way around.

Alias Moving Company LLC: Located in the heart of Southern Florida, Alias Moving Company LLC (or AMC) is well know as a moving broker that coordinates quite a few yearly moves for residential, corporate and auto transport services.  AMC is fantastic.  They offer free, no commitment estimates and have customer service representatives who work round the clock and are also conveniently located in the United States.  This is good because AMC representatives are eager and there is no language or distance barrier to deal with when communicating.

Joe’s Moving LLC: Once the owner of an Italian Resteraunt in Northern New Jersey, Joe retired and opened a small moving enterprise that services most states in North America.  Even though Joe has about 50 representatives working for him, he is on the same scale as the larger moving companies and brokers I spoke of earlier.  Joes Moving LLC does long distance moves primarily.

College Hunks Hauling Junk:  This is one of my favorite moving companies.  Even though the college hunks are now more like hot dads!  This brand of moving companies was established quite some time ago and gained huge popularity probably mostly because of it’s witty name.  Today they facilitate millions of moves a year and are a household name.  Who would’ve ever guessed?

Tips on Finding the Best Long Distance Mover For Your Upcoming Relocation


So it’s time to move.  Maybe you got a new job and are relocating.  Maybe you found a beautiful home in a new and wonderful town.  Or maybe you simply need a change of pace.  We know what you have been wondering since you found out about your upcoming relocation.  The question on your mind is should you take on the task of moving yourself or should you hire a moving company to help you out?

So now you are wondering about the cost of hiring a moving company.  Will it be too much?  Will you be able to afford an expense such as this? You should know that you can absolutely find decent movers on a budget. In fact, you will get excellent moving services that will be worth the expense!  (Especially if they assist you in reassembling your furniture and unpacking your boxes!!)

We know you want to find best movers or moving service.  Don’t worry.  We here at Ed Sherman Moving have your back.

Read the tips below to assist you in choosing the best service when it’s time for you to move.

Look Up Different Movers Online

Do a simple google search to find out information about the movers and companies you are considering. You will also see that you will find many choices.  Select two or three.  Then individually look at each business to select the best.

Consider the moving services the company is providing.  Are they know for home moving services or commercial moves?

Do they use new equipment and have reliable trucks to move your furniture an belongings and transport it all to your new home?

What are their rates?

Answering these questions will help you make a well informed decision.

Look at reviews

Look carefully at all of the reviews of the companies you are assessing.  Especially the negative ones. During your research, pay special attention to specifics and use your best judgement. Remember, even the best companies will receive both positive and negative reviews.  So what you read will give you an indication of the overall business.

Below is a short list of some of the most popular review platforms for Movers and Moving Brokerage Services:

  1. Google
  2. Yelp
  3. My Moving Reviews
  4. Better Business Bureau
  5. Movers.com
  6. Yellow Pages

There are many more review-based sites for you to keep your eye on as well.  These are just some of the most popular!

Check if the Moving Company is Properly Licensed

This is a very important step.  Although sometimes it is neglected.  Especially if you are getting a great price on a move.  You will be tempted to just sign the paperwork and get all your “ducks in a row” so to speak.  But one of the most important things to do before hiring a moving company is checking their license. Make sure your moving companies business license is also up to date.  Only licensed companies will likely have proper insurance. Working with a unlicensed mover is a huge risk.  And all of your valuable possessions will be in their hands!

Look at Online Directories

There are many lists of moving company directories that are available on different sites.  Many of these directory lists will also have complaints on their public database.  It is important to sort through all of the information in such online directories.

To Sum it Up

When you find the right mover, you will probably be able to negotiate an affordable moving package. Your movers should go over all of the details so that you are in the know and understand the terms of your moving agreement.  You should also have a clear understanding of pricing.  And for long distance moves, keep in mind it can often be a little unorganized.  You want to find movers with the best track record.

Other than that, if you try to move heavy furniture on your own, you could injure yourself significantly.  So finding a moving service is definitely your best bet. With movers taking care of your belongings, injuries will not happen.  And after doing proper research, your mind should be at ease and you should have a pleasant move.