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Moving can be tough! But it shouldn’t be

This awesome site was created by a team of professionals.  We are here to make your interstate moving experience easier and better. We have very rigorously conducted extensive studies regarding moving.  From our surveys and research, we have chosen candidates to be named the top interstate moving companies and services of 2018.

This all should not be taken lightly, but please also remember that the results are simply people’s opinions.  No screening has been done to prove legitimacy of results.  But that is the way surveys and assessments are.  They are natural and organic responses.

So- Before you Move, Use The Convenient Checklist Below!

Long distance moving is any move to a different state or significant number of miles. You will have to make sure to plan everything beforehand. You can not simply “wing” a long distance move.

If you you happen to forget anything at your old home, you will likely not be able to retrieve it.  Long distance moving can be tough and stressful if you do not know how to properly manage and plan for your relocation. Here at Edward Shermann Movers Inc. we have created a checklist to make the moving process simple for you.

Pick and list your items beforehand

Make a list of all of the items you need to take along with you.  Make sure you write down and pack everything.  This would also be a really good time for you to throw out any of your old things that you are not interested in bringing with you to your new place.

Make sure you have moving supplies

Do you have tape?  Do you have boxes?  Make sure you get together all of the moving supplies you will need and begin packing as early as you can.

Will you be able to get your furniture in your new place and out of the old place?

Hire a moving company at least a month before your move

Once you have arranged and prepared for everything, make sure you choose the best moving company from the list you made.

Start packing as early as possible

Packing can take a long time.  Get everything prepared during the two weeks before your move.

Change your Address

Inform your Friends

Change Credit Card and Billing Info